Artist Services

M. Schuster Music works directly with artists of all kinds to help manage projects, and events.  Working one on one to provide professional services to the creative mind, M. Schuster Music provides a network of contacts to help in any aspect of the artistic proceses.  Specializing in working with musical acts, we help the burgeoning artist setup the necessary system to get the project up and running.

Pricing for your project or event can often be overwhelming.  We help you figure out your budget and your needs.  Remember it never hurts to contact us.  We would love to see if we can help you and your situation.

Understand that we are artists too!  We love the act of creating an experience.  We love to hear about any project great or small.  Even if it is something we cannot necessarily provide directly, we will help you find the people you need for your project.

Here are some of the services we provide.

With over 5 years of experience in financial consultation for artists, we help set up the right system and budget for your needs.  We do book keeping for your band, and limited tax preparation.  We prefer to give you the tools you need to help your project reach it’s goals.  We do consultations for large groups and individual artists.

Dealing with many different artists, we primarily help developing artists to create demos and EPs for booking purposes.  If you have a bigger project you are looking to record, contact us to discuss any options.

The hardest part in any video gig is project management.  We network directly with a number of videographers and companies to provide the services you need.  We do script writing and creative consultations.  We work with you to set realistic deadlines in order to bring your vision to life.

A picture says a thousand words, and a logo can define your art.  Email us directly to discuss any visual asthetic.  Our network of graphic designers and animators can help create your ideal visual experience.

With over 13 years of guitar experience learning numerous styles, I offer private one on one lessons for musicians of all levels.