Ceremony Services

Ceremony Services



M. Schuster Music provides best quality service in Audio Management for your ceremony. We work directly with your venue and vendors in order to manage music cues, microphone placement, and other audio items.  We show up at least an hour and half before to make sure you have the best audio quality we can.

The exact necessities for each ceremony can vary pending on the venue and style of your ceremony.  Message us directly to dicuss the best possible options.



M. Schuster Music offers a network of professional classical musicians built from 7 years of experience in the entertainment and music business.  We utilize our network of contacts to help manage and book the ideal musical experience for your wedding.  From the simplicity of a single violin or a full orchestration, M. Schuster Music can help bring your dream arrangement to life.

We rely on an extensive list of professional musicians around the Central Texas area capable of providing the best services for your ceremony.  Our goal is to give you the best possible service by managing all booking and arrangements for the event.  Please contact us and let us know about your dream musical arrangement.

Pricing for live ceremony music can vary depending on the number of musicians desired, and the length of the ceremony.  A typical rough estimate is between $75-$100 an hour per musician.  Please do not hesitate to contact and let us know the budget you are working in.